FzSoftware Releases AnyCalc for Windows Phone 8: a Suite of Sophisticated Calculators

Main screen of AnyCalcAnyCalc is a wide-ranging suite of sophisticated calculators capable of making everyday calculations easier as well as supporting theoretical problems and mathematical analysis. The suite consists of five calculator types: scientific, programmer, currency, date, color and a unit conversion tool.

The scientific calculator while mainly designed for math enthusiasts, teachers and students, can also be used in real life situations. In addition to the expected mathematical functions and operators it also supports:

  • syntax highlighting of the entered formula
  • free editing of formulas
  • using a variable (x) and parameters in formulas
  • producing tabular results when iterating a function for a given set of x-values
  • plotting multiple functions
  • Boolean algebra and the ‘if’ function
  • numerical integration and differentiation, with visualization of the integral and the nth derivative functions
  • series: formulas of finite series with sums and products can be entered and visualized (like the Taylor series polynomials for the trigonometric function sine)
  • 2D, 3D, 4D vector, 3D and 4D matrix, quaternion and plane calculations and other geometric calculations like cross product of vectors, calculation of the angle of vectors, calculation of the determinant of a matrix, inversion of a matrix, creation of a rotation matrix from angles, calculation of the point of intersection of a line and plane, creation of a rotation quaternion from angles, to mention but a few
  • Lagrange interpolation of many points for any ‘x’ value and visualization of the interpolant
  • saving and loading projects: formulas can be saved to be used later
  • calculation history
  • undo and redo
  • help on functions and operators with examples


Taylor polynom

The programmer calculator supports:

  • integer calculations on 64, 32, 16 and 8 bits
  • works with hexadecimal, decimal and binary numbers
  • not, and, or, xor, mod, left and right shifting operators (shl, shr) and both left and right rotating operators (ror, rol)
  • variable ‘x’ and parameters in formulas to produce a range of results, for example,1 shl x by default returns 64 results as x loops through the integer range [0,63]
  • calculation history: results can be seen later and the previously entered formulas can be copied to the calculator

The currency calculator, targeted mainly at frequent travelers, is not just another currency exchange application.

It supports:currency calculator

  • calculations with multiple currencies at once, for example, it allows you to enter a formula such as 50 EUR + 6•45 GBP
  • online and offline (cached) rates
  • manually entered rates: the internet rates can be useful when exchanging currencies, but when you travel, you most probably want to use the rates of the exchange office where you bought the foreign currency
  • history of calculations: you can recall formulas or you can compare changes of exchange rates
  • recently used currencies: you do not have to search for frequently used currencies from the currency list 

The date calculator can:

  • calculate the difference between two dates and show the result as a combination of years, months, weeks and days
  • add or subtract years, months and days to or from a date

The unit conversion tool allows you to convert unit types such as area, energy, length, mass, power, pressure, temperature, velocity and volume. By default the tool offers only the most frequently used units to speed up the conversion. The tool will show all supported units when the “all units” option is selected. All you have to do is start typing the amount and the tool converts it immediately.

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Have you ever seen a color code in hex and wondered what kind of color it could be? Just enter the color code in the color calculator, designed mainly for web developers and beginner artists, and it will show you the color that the code represents. This calculator offers:

  • exchange of hexadecimal color codes to decimal (RGBA) color codes and vice versa
  • alpha channel support, which is useful when transparency is required
  • frequently used colors and their color codes

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