Fuse–a great-looking RSS reader for Windows Phone 7


22, 2010

Many people would say twitter replaced RSS, but these people are obviously not bloggers.  RSS feeds bring you not only the headlines, but often the full articles and means one can be informed without constantly having to open websites.

Fuse is an RSS reader for Windows phone 7 by French developer Rudy Huyn which brings a lot more than a list of text to the table.

The software features:

-Synchronize your feeds automatically or manually, and read the offline.
-3 Different themes: square, Ipsum, Pulsor + others coming soon (pivot very soon)
-Mode landscape and portrait to square and Pulsor
-Personalize your application (theme colors, wallpaper)
-Taking account of the channels YouTube – add, delete, modify your data (RSS/YouTube)

The software joins a growing list off must-have apps I intend to purchase at launch. Read more about the app at  FaceBook.

Via MobilityDigest.com

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