Fuse News Reader App Hits v1.1 With Several Improvements

image Just after few days of its release, Fuse news reader app has got much praise from users on its design and performance. But the app’s developer Rudy Huyn is not resting on this success, he updated the app to v1.1 and posted the change log, which is really long. I like the developer’s focus on small design things in the app.
Here is the change log,


  • better performance
  • in-app youtube player
  • transform flash youtube player in browser by a preview of the video and a link to watch it
  • lock rotation feature


  • new management of new items, they will pass to the unread status only if the user has already viewed the group.
  • can import RSS with doctype
  • display limit message if a Google reader group has more than 20 items
  • IPSUM : reduces the transparency of the menu for better readability
  • IPSUM : menu ‘mark feed as read’ added
  • SQUARE : memorize the vertical offset when return to ‘all RSS’ view
  • SQUARE : increase font size
  • add new page : import Google reader groups
  • dynamic QRcode version (1 to 15)
  • update the current group before others
  • option to mark new item as unread when we quit a feed
  • number of new items indicated in group list
  • don’t try to update if no connection
  • remove some gif from feedflare at the bottom of articles (share by email, etc…)


  • remove French sentences
  • mark all as read -> update on Google reader server
  • fix sync with Google reader
  • RIBBON : fix share option when item changes
  • fix Google reader doesn’t import all feed of my group
  • fix “buy this app” link


  • mango version with live tile, multi tile, fast-resume and background agent .

You can either update the app or download it from marketplace here. BTW, the app costs $1.29 and free trial is also available.