Funny Jokes v1.4 is live on marketplace


Thanks for your support, Funny Jokes on windows phone has been rising rapidly on the app marketplace. So far it’s ranked at 55th in the entertainment category, and 412th overall. That’s a great achievement in such a short period. Thank you all.

In version 1.4, we have the following improvements:

  1. UI was tweaked a little to conform more to the Metro UI guideline.
  2. For each category, the total jokes number and newly added jokes number since your last read are automatically updated now. You can now track what’s new very easily.
  3. Most importantly, we added push notification support: live tile and toast notification.

Live tile is updated every hour. The tile consists two important information. On the top right is the newly added joke number since last time you opened the app; bottom right is the time the tile was updated. For toast notification, it is sent on 12pm and 18pm your local time, and tells you how many new jokes were added since you open the app last time. It will not send any message if there are no new jokes. The push notification by default is disabled. You need to go to setting to enable either or both of the notifications.

Please enjoy this new version, and don’t hesitate to send me any suggestions and recommendations. Thanks again. Please also consider giving a good rating to Funny Jokes. It will help attract more users, and more users means more jokes. 🙂 You can find funny jokes with the following link:

Funny Jokes is free and can be found in Marketplace here.