Funny German Windows Phone 7 ad

While Microsoft maybe hasn´t had the right touch on advertisements in the past it seems now they are doing a lot better.

Microsoft Germany is promoting  Windows Phone 7 with a scene from “Switch Reloaded”, a show which makes fun of popular TV programs. In this ad they parody a popular quiz show (more info can be found here ). The show master takes the (imaginery) guests for a ride, explains what a “Kontakte” (contacts) hub is and then states the german version of “less stop and stare – more glance and go”. He ends with a pun, noting that he´s got a contacts hub because he has so many contacts.

I think if you don´t know the show that´s being made fun of you would probably not laugh. But since it´s a very popular program in Germany (and Austria, too) and because the language is very straight-forward and funny I think the ad is quite  effective.

The ad, in German, can be viewed here.  (cannot be embedded)