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Funny beach is the application you need for your vacation!

Whether you are a swimmer or practitioner coastal sports,  Funny beach’ll let you instantly have the global coastal weather on your windows phone.

Funny beach but it is much more than that!

You’re on vacation in an area that you do not know, or are planning to leave?

Funny beach is the beach area, within 50 mi or you can find them via a map from home.

You can access the coastal weather information 4 days of your favorite tracks:

  • Average temperature
  • Wind speed
  • Wave height
  • Weather

As well as convenient options:

  • GPS guidance to the beach
  • Implementation of the favorite beach on the main screen of the application / direct access on your home screen tile

But, if you practice beach sports or coastal sports, you need more information, simply click on the day and wish you access to:

  • Weather forecast provided every 3 hours, with wind force, wave force, temperature and wind direction
  • Graph wind speed every 3 hours
  • Graph of the height of high tide and low every 3 hours
  • Graph of atmospheric pressure every 3 hours
  • Wind map every 3 hours

Funny beach is:

  • Available in French and English
  • Trial mode 7 days full app

Funny beach is now available in the windows phone store for 1,29 $.

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