Fun With Letters 1.1 – So much prettier!

“Fun With Letters” just got updated with new and beautiful graphic design and two new games. “Fun With Letters” is an app with little games for children in the first and more advanced stages of achieving literacy.

picture In addition to “Find the letter” game in which the child needs to identify a letter and “What begins with” game in which the child needs to identify a beginning letter sound, the app now includes:

  • “Find the Word…” – The child sees a picture and a list of words and needs to find the word that fit the picture.
  • “Find the Picture…” – The child sees a word, needs to read it and find the picture that fits with the word.
  • The owl now accompanies your child in every game and provides the instructions to the games when tapped on.
  • The ability to customize the application to fit your own child’s needs got expanded. In addition to choosing what alphabet letters the application will include in the games, and the level of challenging phonetic sounds to use in the games, it now includes the option of making the words in the new games all uppercase, or not.Designed and developed by a teacher.

    Download it now.