Fully Power-off your phone the easy way

Many people complain that Windows Mobile did not change much over the years, but I still remember when fully shutting down your phone meant a hard reset. Thankfully those days are over now, and HTC has made out phones much more like a normal phone by allowing us to simply hold down the power button to shut it down completely.

Some people however dont like pressing the power-button for some indeterminate period, and many people do not like stressing a button we all use very regularly. Fortunately some smart people over at XDA-Developers.com figured out how to activate the shutdown routine using a simple shortcut.

Here at WMPoweruser.com we like to make things simple, so we packaged this shortcut in an easy to install cab, and also added a nice icon. If you prefer you can also download the shortcut as a zip file.

Download the chosen file from here. Please do not link to the files directly, but rather to this post.



These files will likely only work with newer HTC phones that can already be fully shut down by holding the power button down. The software comes without any implied warranty or guarantee, and is used fully at your own risk.