Full Resolution photo and video SkyDrive backup now available worldwide


8, 2013

Author Surur // in News

Now you can upload your photos and videos in hi-resNow you can upload your photos and videos in hi-res

Previously many Windows Phone users around the world did not have access to full resolution backups of their photos and videos to SkyDrive.

It turns out the issue had nothing to do with data plans, but with making sure SkyDrive had the capacity to service this demand.

According to Microsoft however this bottleneck has now been resolved, and full resolution backups will now be available for all (with possibly a few hours delay due to the roll-out of the setting).

Of note however is that this will still require a WIFI connection for the purpose of protecting users from bill shock though even this has become a somewhat antiquated attitude in the days of LTE.

Via the Windows Team Blog.

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