Full list of supported Windows Phone 7 Exchange policies available

For enterprise users thinking of adopting Windows Phone 7 and the IT departments which support them it is very important to know which Exchange policies the OS supports.

A list of those policies are  available at Microsoft here are reproduced below

Its important to note that Windows Phone 7 devices only support a subset of the Exchange ActiveSync (EAS) policies available with Exchange 2003, Exchange 2007, and Exchange 2010. Currently, Windows Phone 7 supports the following EAS policies:

  • Password Required
  • Minimum Password Length
  • Idle Timeout Frequency Value
  • Device Wipe Threshold
  • Allow Simple Password
  • Password Expiration
  • Password History
  • Disable Removable Storage
  • Disable IrDA
  • Disable Desktop Sync
  • Block Remote Desktop
  • Block Internet Sharing

These are of course much less than those supported by Windows Mobile 6.5 but it is important to note that Windows phone 7 will continue to be updated, and Microsoft intends to expand the list in subsequent updates.

Via WindowsPhoneSecrets.com