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We have seen PocketNow’s impressions of the LG Incite being presented in dribs and drabs over the last week, but they have now finally put up a comprehensive review of the device.

Unfortunately, one can see at a glance that the Cons column is much longer than the Pros, and that Brandon is not particularly happy with the device.

I wont recount the 4 page review, but their conclusions were as follows:


The Incite packs some great features found only in high-end smartphones, but unfortunately, the device is saddled with so many usability and quality problems that it’s hard to get excited about it. Using the Incite has made me miss the refinement that is found on HTC and Samsung Windows Mobile devices. If you’re on the AT&T network and have an extra $100 to spend, get the Fuze – you’ll be a lot happier.

Sleek design
Great Today screen experience
Has a proximity sensor
Solid battery life
Automatic screen rotation everywhere
Capacious landscape keyboard
Includes a 3.5mm audio jack
Performance is lacking
Lacks D-Pad and enough programmable buttons
Poor build quality
Poor camera
Included NetFront browser is weak
Automatic screen rotation can be imprecise
Low amount of RAM
Mediocre screen brightness and color depth
Has no inbuilt stylus
Parts of the OS are not finger-friendly (small menus)
Pandora application costs $8/month
Includes a lot of java-based trialware
Ease of Use

Read the full PocketNow review here.

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