Full Kantar numbers confirm Windows Phone outselling Blackberry in US, Germany, Australia



The full Kantar WorldPanel market share numbers for the 12 weeks until April 15th have now become available, and they confirm what we suspected yesterday; that Windows Phone 7 is rapidly overtaking Blackberry sales in major markets, including USA.

The numbers show in US Windows Phone held 3.6% market share in the 3 months leading to mid-April beating the 3.2% of RIM sales.  Windows Phone is of course on the way up, near doubling from 1.9% a year ago to 3.6%, and that was before the full Nokia Lumia 900 push.

Germany saw a slower fade by RIM, dropping from 2.4 to 2.1% year on year, while Windows Phone share did double, from 2.9% to 6.2% year on year.

Lastly, even in Windows Phone’s less successful markets, Australia, where market share only increased from 1.4 to 1.6%, and it seems Windows Mobile handsets (likely for enterprise) still outsell Windows phones, Windows Phones still held a higher market share than RIM, which only achieved 1%.

Also of note from the numbers is that for those who have joked that Windows phone is not even outselling Bada, that OS seems to be fading rapidly all over the world also, leaving Windows Phone, with iOS and Android, as the only growing ecosystems, making it once again a pretty safe bet to say the 3rd ecosystem has arrived after all.

See the full Kantar numbers after the break.


Via TechCrunch.com

Thanks Arun for the tip.