Full HTC Touch Diamond 2 review


20, 2009

Pocketnow has published their full review of the HTC Touch Diamond 2. Of particular note with this device is the new version of TouchFlo3D, which Brandon demonstrates in this video below:

On TouchFlo3D 2 he says:

TouchFLO 3D goes quite deep on the Diamond2. Early on, TouchFLO started out as a simple Today screen skin in addition to some enhancements dealing with finger friendliness. It has evolved much beyond that today, to the point where you can spend most of the time in the elegance of TouchFLO 3D without venturing into the ugliness of Windows Mobile. But, in this latest iteration, there are some problems. First, the calendar tab allows you to see your monthly and daily appointments, and even lets you add a new one, but it doesn’t let you easily move appointments or edit appointments (you can do these, but it’s a manual process), or view them in a weekly view. What’s worse, if you’re trying to find the native WinMo calendar app by going to the Start menu, pressing Calendar spits you right back into the TouchFLO 3D tab.

    Also, I’d like to be able to disable the HTC Start menu. It’s visually pleasing, but it doesn’t include recent programs, nor does it allow for the rearrangement of the icons. The only way to go back to the regular Windows Mobile Start menu is to disable TouchFLO 3D. It’s all or nothing.

So like everything, there is a good and a bad side to any change.

Read the full Pocketnow review here, which goes on to 4 pages and includes more videos and many pictures.

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