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Coolsmartphone has published their full review of the HTC Touch 3G, HTC’s midrange Windows Mobile smartphone.

Their conclusion is below:


The Touch 3G maintains the cute looks of the original HTC Touch with enhanced speed and a lot of extras. It’s a refined and understated handset which hides the Microsoft Pocket PC graphical interface well. Buy this and you’ll benefit from a cool phone with all the geeky bits you’ll ever need like Microsoft Office Mobile for editing documents, contacts and schedule sync. You’ll also get the cool stuff – YouTube videos, fast browsing, a smooth interface, Google Maps, weather updates, camera, music and photo albums.

The HTC camera still struggles in low light, but apart from that everything is flawless. It’s dimensions and design will appeal many and it’s a great addition to the HTC lineup. HTC have crammed in an excellent GUI in the shape of HTC TouchFLO and, even without the fancy graphics processor seen in the Diamond, it’s such a leap forward for Windows Mobile handsets.

If you want one of these, head on over to devicewire.com – there’s a choice of colours and they’re currently selling for £333.99, network free. Price is at time of writing.

Read the full review here.

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