Fujitsu WP7 handset a rebranded Android device with 12 megapixel camera

I do not know if its a good or bad thing, given that some Android handsets have fantastic hardware, but it seems much of the new WP7 Mango handsets are Android devices with brain transplants.

Such is the case with the mystery Fujitsu handset, which appears to be a rebranded Fujitsu Regza T-01C.  That device is also waterproof to one meter and has a massive 12.2 megapixel camera.  It is likely safe to say the same features will carry over to the Windows Phone 7 handset.

If the device will have near identitcal hardware, it will also confirm the specs we speculated about a few days ago.  The Regza has a 4 inch LCD screen, just as we predicted, and also has 3 hardware buttons in front, again as we predicted.

Hopefully the hidden specs of the Regza handset, such as NFC and DLNA support will also carry over into its Windows Phone 7 sibling.

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