Fujitsu to bring high end Android and Windows Phones to Europe

The first company to create a Mango handset, the Fujitsu IS12T, was ironically also one of the least known Windows Phone OEMs, Fujitsu, and this is likely due to the devices remaining firmly in Asia.

Now it appears more of us will be able to take a bite of their sweet products, with Fujitsu announcing they will be bringing a range of smartphone and tablets running Android and Windows Phone to Europe.

Fujitsu already has about 20% of the market in Japan, and its latest handsets, such as the dual CDMA/GSM Fujitsu IS12T, can be used globally.

It is expected to bring high end devices to Europe which utilize features such as Fingerprint Readers, LTE and NFC, all common in Japan.

The company is targeting a “double-digit” market share in the next three to five years.

Robert Pryke, director for Fujitsu’s mobile phone business in Europe, said the group had already spoken to operators about adopting the range. “The Japanese market has been in a silo from a technology and design perspective, but Fujitsu is bringing out a global product,” Mr Pryke said.

It is not known when the first handsets will hit the continent, but hopefully it will not be too long before we can have our own waterproof Windows Phones also.

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