Fujitsu T-01E is the Windows Phone 8 successor to the Fujitsu IS12T

DOCOMO’s 2012-2013 phone line-up has leaked, and it includes a number of interesting devices.

The document shows the Japanese carrier will have at least 3 windows phone 8 handsets.

One is a dual-core successor to the Fujitsu IS12T. The handset, the Fujitsu T-01E, will have LTE and NOTTV TV service, and will be part of the DOCOMO NEXT range of devices.

Fujitsu was the first OEM to release a Mango handset, and also the first to ship a Windows Phone with 32 GB storage and a 13.2 megapixel camera, so I suspect the T-01E will also be a specs monster.

Nokia will also be delivering a handset there. The HSDPA-powered Nokia Lumia NK-01E will also be part of the NEXT line of handsets, but it appears will lack LTE.

Lastly Samsung will also be contributing a handset, the Samsung SC-04E Omnia Windows Phone, which will be an LTE handset in the NEXT range.

See the full list of handsets at here.