Fujitsu IS12T pictures show Hidden WI-FI settings


imageTezawaly from have shot some pictures of the Fujitsu IS12T in action.  The handset is on display at KDDI’s Designer Studio and is running WP7 Mango 7716, further along than the 7712 that has been released to devs but a bit short of the 7720 which is apparently the RTM version.

The screen shot above shows the rumoured hidden WIFI setting, which allows up to 3 SSIDs to be included. Interestingly it notes hidden SSIDs consume more battery life, which may explain why the WP7 team has left it out for so long.

The post at also shows numerous pictures of the handset in action running English as the display language, if anyone has the urge to import the waterproof handset.  Unfortunately it is still a CDMA handset with GSM roaming, so will likely work less than optimally most other places.

Read more at here.