Fujitsu IS12T launch being Live Streamed on the 27th, another picture leaks


Via Nanapho we learn that KDDI and Microsoft will be streaming the Mango launch event on the 27th July 2011 at 10 am Tokyo time. (UTC+09:00) via UStream at


The event is expected to unveil the much leaked Fujitsu IS12T, which Tezawaly also uncovered in the commented out code of the KDDI website, showing a small picture of the device in yellow.

We have already seen the smartphone in pink, suggesting the waterproof handset will come in multiple colours.

While 1 am UK time is a but past my bed time, the event should be pretty comfortable to watch at 8pm EDT today for those on the east coast of USA 5 pm on the west coast.

Thanks Tezawaly for the tip.