FUJITSU Announces ARROWS Tab Q335/K Windows Tablet Targeting The Enterprise

Fujitsu Arrow 8-inch Windows Tablet

Fujitsu today announced FUJITSU Tablet ARROWS Tab Q335/K, an 8-inch Windows tablet for enterprise customers that will be made available worldwide from October 2014.Atom processor Z3735F and the latest Windows 8.1 Pro operating system. Enterprise can also buy it with Microsoft Office as an option.

Product Features:

  1. Compact and lightweight ARROWS Tab Q335/K fits in one hand and is easy to use

    The compact tablet is equipped with the newest Intel® Atom™ processor Z3735F and an 8-inch wide-angle LCD display. By reducing the unit weight to less than 400 grams and limiting the width to 126 mm and the thickness to 9.9 mm, the tablet can be held with a single hand, therefore reducing fatigue after extended use. Digitizing paper forms, thick manuals and catalogues so that they can easily be carried around, this tablet is ideal for a variety of work in different fields.

  2. Can run Windows 8.1 Pro and Microsoft Office, ideal for business use

    With a Windows OS, the existing Windows-based systems used in business situations, together with existing peripheral devices used as usual, this compact tablet can transform the way people work. The tablet comes installed with Windows 8.1 Pro for sophisticated operations such as network domain participation and group policy settings. This simplifies matters with consolidated management of terminals. Furthermore, Microsoft Office can be added to enable on-the-go flexibility when a user needs to read or create documents.

  3. Tablet cover accessory

    As a dedicated protective cover for the ARROWS Tab Q335/K, the folio cover prevents scratching when stored in a case, and is convenient as it can be used as a stand when placed upright.

  4. FUJITSU Cloud PaaS MobileSUITE(1) enhances usability of the tablet

    The tablet supports MobileSUITE, the mobile service platform that enables more efficient use of a wide range of applications, services, and content for specific industries or work tasks. Utilizing MobileSUITE from the highly portable ARROWS Tab Q335/K improves the convenience of using tablets for work.

    For systems administrators, utilizing the integrated management functions offered by MobileSUITE enables the unified management of services, applications, contents, terminals and user IDs. For tablet users, services, applications and contents used for work that are displayed on Mobile Portal can be quickly and easily accessed to facilitate work.

MobileSUITE usage requires a separate service contract and the service is only available in Japan.