FT Letter writer makes elegant case for a 3rd mobile ecosystem

21469_Apple_And_GoogleThere are quite a few people (though less than before) who dismiss the need for a 3rd ecosystem in the mobile OS wars, seeing the competition between iOS and Android as more than enough to ensure consumers are served well.

I stumbled across a letter to the editor on the Financial Times however which makes a pretty good case for why not just carriers by also consumers should be supporting a 3rd ecosystem.

The correspondent writes:

Sir, I would take issue with John Gapper’s appeal to Microsoft to give up on consumers (“To Microsoft’s new chief executive: stop chasing consumers”, August 27). Despite having suffered the frustrations that come with the adoption of each new release of the Windows operating system, I am an absolute believer in the need for a third mobile ecosystem to compete with iOS and Android.

I have to admit to being a Nokia fan, but think that anyone who comes with an open mind to Windows Phone 8 must agree that it offers a compelling alternative and, as consumers, we should all be encouraging a third option.

As the Android platform becomes the Microsoft of the mobile world and iPhones are currently only affordable for most people if subsidised, we should be wary of dismissing WP8 devices, which can offer enterprises a seamless PC/tablet/smartphone experience that, up to now, only Apple has been able to provide to Mac users.

Various companies have already recognised the benefits that such integration can bring but, as Mr Gapper points out, in today’s world of “bring your own device”, it is the consumer who wields the power, so we should all hope that Microsoft, Nokia and mobile operators can work together to create awareness of and promote WP’s attributes in order to ensure that everyone can look forward to a mobile future that does not rely on a duopoly.

Susan Anthony, London SW6, UK

Consumers should bear in mind that if it was not for Windows Phone there would be no alternative to the high prices of iOS, or having to be part of the Google Advertising-driven ecosystem, where we would all be constantly tracked by a company who’s raison d’être is to sell our details to advertisers.

Windows Phone provides an alternative to consumers nervous about Google’s dominance , and should moderate the worst excesses of the company.  Journalists should bear this in mind when encouraging Microsoft to give up on the consumer market.

Image via Dailytech.com