From manufacturing jet packs to making tea, see how businesses rely On Microsoft Office 365 everyday

Microsoft today posted a SMB customer video montage for its Office 365 product. The video shows why why businesses of all sizes rely on Microsoft Office 365. It features companies that is involved in manufacturing jet packs to making bubble tea in Los Angeles. These businesses everywhere are choosing Office 365 to deliver results and connect with customers in new ways. One of the customer even mentioned that they were using Google Apps and Dropbox before Office 365. For as low as $12.50 per/user/month, SMB customers can have full Office suite on different devices, email and calendars, online conferencing, instant messaging and Skype connectivity, public website, simple file sharing, and team sites.

You are and your business are on the move. That means you need to be able to work from anywhere, across your devices, and have a consistent and fast experience. That freedom is what you get with Office 365. Whether you’re at your desktop or on your tablet or phone, you can get to your documents, email and calendars, shared files, and online meetings. And wherever you access it, it’s always your Office, so your files are up to date and your recent documents just a click away.

Source: Microsoft