Friendly Budget

When taking a trip, planning the cost and everything might be a little hard, but with this app, it seems both simple and finger friendly. This application is made for the people that need to keep their budget to a minimal when taking trips, or just tracking your expenditure for business needs, this seems like the best way to do it. The application was just released earlier this week, and the developer even provided some information on it.

-Summary of all expenses realized (with many possible sorting)
-Summary of debts of everyone, and the paybacks to make
-When adding an expense, define the payer, and the recipients
-Group concept allows you to group people by affinity (couples, families, …)
-Multicurrency management with consideration of conversion rates in the calculations

The details on this application is also very simple:

Shared housing, holidays, weekends, party, gift in common There are always
small debts during events between friends or family. Departing from this
observation, we designed the application Friendly Budget to facilitate the
management of these expenditures.

Friendly Budget allows you to easily manage a budget between friends. Just
enter your expenses realized throughout your journey, specify the payer and the
recipients of the expenditure, then the application cashes up automatically, and
indicates paybacks to carry out by each.

Thus, with the application Friendly Budget, expenses written down on pieces of
paper that get lost is over and money conflicts between participants at the end
of the event are avoided!

You can buy this application for a low $1.99