now live, offering 200,000 instant prizes, including Hawaiian holiday


Microsoft’s site is now live, offering US residents over the age of 18 large collection of prizes for playing a simple memory game.

The bulk of the prizes (190,000) are simply 160 free Microsoft points, enough to buy a song, but 50 will get $250 Best Buy Vouchers, while one will win a trip to Hawaii for 4. Players can enter twice per day, but need to use the same email address.

The full list of prizes are:

50 x $250 Best Buy gift code
100 x $150 gift code
1000 x $50 Omaha Steaks gift code
2000 x $30  Fandango gift code
7000 x $5 Amazon gift code
190,000 x 160 Microsoft Points

The contest can be entered here.