FreeBSD VM image now available in Azure Marketplace




Microsoft today announced the availability of FreeBSD 10.3 as a ready-made VM image in Azure Marketplace. Not only you can now quickly bring-up a FreeBSD VM in Azure, but also you can take advantage of Microsoft support engineers when you need technical support.

The majority of the investments we make at the kernel level to enable network and storage performance were up-streamed into the FreeBSD 10.3 release, so anyone who downloads a FreeBSD 10.3 image from the FreeBSD Foundation will get those investments from Microsoft built in to the OS. There are some exceptions where we included some important fixes that weren’t complete in time to make the FreeBSD 10.3 release – you can get the details of those additional commits here.

In addition, we have added the Azure VM Guest Agent, which is responsible for communication between the FreeBSD VM and the Azure Fabric for operations such as provisioning the VM on first use (user name, password, hostname, etc) as well as enabling functionality for selective VM Extensions.

Read about this announcement in detail here.

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