Free Picture of the Day–Windows Phone 7 app with Live Tile now available


4, 2011

They say a picture tells a thousand words, Apporista’s latest WP7 application is just that. A daily picture taken from Wikimedia commons will be sent to you each morning. It supports multiple languages, mapping of where the picture was taken and a ‘live tile’ preview and ‘toast notifications’.

There are some fantastic and inspirational pictures out there and the good ones will make you ask where and what? ‘Picture of the Day’ will answer both those questions. It supports the key features to answer that question.

  • World map and zoomed transition to the local area showing where the picture was taken (when available).
  • Preview teaser of the daily picture on a live tile.
  • Description of the daily picture in toast notification.
  • Full screen viewing, zooming, rotating and manipulation of a high resolution version of the picture.
  • Save the picture to the phone and then can set as screen saver picture.
  • Picture description, Author and Date taken.

The app is published in the Photos category by Apporista and is free. You can find out more about "Free Picture of the day" at the official web site:

“Free Picture of the Day” can be found in in Marketplace here.

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