Freda eReader version 2.4 released

Ereader developers Turnipsoft have announced a new update for their free e-book reader, Freda. New in this update:

  • Book sources are shown as hub tiles
  • Book display uses high performance XNA graphics
  • Books can be pinned to the start screen
  • Paging behaviour for book sources is customisable
  • Numerous additional features and fixes for formatting, performance and stability issues.

Freda features:

  • Reads ePub (DRM-free), HTML and TXT format books
  • Customisable controls, fonts and colours
  • Bookmarks and annotations
  • Integrates with on-line catalogs – Feedbooks, Smashwords, Gutenberg …
  • Connects to your DropBox account for downloading book files
  • Links to your Calibre book library
  • Can download books from any website (including the SkyDrive web interface) using an in-application browser
  • Share comments, likes and dislikes using twitter, facebook or email

Turnipsoft would like to offer a big vote of thanks to all the Freda beta-testing team; thanks to your feedback and suggestions, this is the best Freda version yet. There are still some slots available for additional beta-testers, so anyone interested in joining the beta-test team and helping with future updates, please contact [email protected].

Turnipsoift QR Code

The next update, 2.5, is expected in early 2012, and will include full integration with SkyDrive, and a new ‘download manager’ system,
so you can leave books to download ‘in the background’ while you do something else.

You can download Freda from the Windows Phone Marketplace.