FPSEce Playstation emulator for Windows Mobile reaches version 1.0 – now with full touch screen support



A new version of the Windows Mobile Playstation emulator, FPSEce, has been released. With the last version being 0.96, I suspect the developer made a small mistake when he named it version 0.10, but that seems to be about the only bug in this great release.

The new version features:

• Completely rewritten core and interface!
• Faster!
• Supports many new games
• Supports g-sensor on Toshiba TG01, more to come
• Touch screen analogue stick emulation
• New on-screen multi-touch button-assignment
• Supports some Bluetooth-gamepads (i.e. BGP 100)
• And more…

The software is  freeware, but the developer has released a special version to cover his costs, which includes the ability to save the state of the game at any point, which will be useful for popping into and out of a game. That version costs $5.

Read more at the developer’s website here.

Via Pocketnow.com

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