Foxconn to reportedly manufacture Microsoft phones in India


Microsoft and Foxconn are reportedly teaming up to manufacture Microsoft smartphones in India. According to a new report from The Times of India, Microsoft is closing in on an agreement in which the company will be rolling out its smartphones from Foxconn’s factory in Sri City, Andra Pradesh. The publication states that according its sources, Foxconn will produce two variants of Microsoft smartphones in India.

The report also states that the chairman of Foxconn Technology Group, Terry Gou recently visited India, stating that the company is planning to commit $2 billion to set up more 10-12 factories across India in Maharashtra, Gujrat and Andhra. Interestingly enough, the report claims that a factory called Rising Store is being approached by a couple of smartphone OEMs, but Microsoft hasn’t officially approached Foxconn about the factory yet.

This is indeed a very interesting move by Microsoft. Windows Phone has a pretty good market share in India as the company continues to produce affordable smartphones like the Lumia 435, Lumia 535, etc. Manufacturing smartphones locally will allow the company to cut down on its production costs as well – which is why various smartphone OEMs have started manufacturing smartphones in India for the local customers.

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