Foundbite for Windows phone and other platforms shutting down by the end of March

Foundbite made its debut as a Windows Phone specific social network a few years back, and now it is shutting down.

In a message to users, the Foundbite’s James Mundy explains:

We wanted to enable people to share the sounds of the world around them, by capturing memories and experiences in a way only sound can. Although we never reached the scale we were hoping for, all our users definitely delivered. There have been many ups and downs along the way but it’s always been great to be able to open up the app and experience places all around the world being captured and shared by you!

Foundbite was a unique app for Windows Phones back in its day being a social network based only on sounds. While it did expand to iOS and Android, it never quite hit the critical mass of users it needed to reach sustainability and eventually, the cost of maintenance outpaced the returns from users.

While it may seem like yet another social network app, the app was genuinely fun to use when it was released and provided Windows phone users with at least one exclusive social media app.

For current users Foundbite is a relic of a time where one could conceive of launching a Windows Phone exclusive app with a straight face. That time is gone.

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