Foundbite recieves a redesign with Foundbite 2.0 update


1, 2015

Remember Foundbite? The social network app created around sounds that we profiled a while ago? It’s just received a massive update, adding a more modern UI and extending its reach to Android, Foundbite is an even better app than it was before.

The major change here is the user interface. While Foundbite previously featured an interface that was more suited to Windows Phone pre 8.1, the new update has a more modern look.

It has a slimmed down UI, with a green and gray colour scheme that I think looks great.

The other new feature, and the one I find really interesting is Foundbite’s integration with PinPoint – an app by the same developer. What this app does is that it shows off Foundbites from various locations around the world. Its both entertaining and enlightening, a perfect combination for a game. While Foundbite and PinPoint are separate apps, Foundbite 2.0 now includes a PinPoint shortcut for quick launching of the game, which would help drive integration and app engagement.

To be honest, how you feel about the app comes down to how much you care about Foundbite. Its a social network which is built around sound in still pictures – a hard sell to some, a novelty to other.

I find it intriguing to dip into once in a while to see what others are posting, but have no real presence on the app. PinPoint is – in my opinion – Foundbite’s strongest aspect as it gamifies the foundies people are posting on the app.

Here’s the changelog below. Fell free to try out the app and as always, tell us what you think in the comments below.

– App rebranded.
– Completely redesigned.
– Easier to find friends
– Now on Android, more people/foundbites.

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