Fortunatus – Windows Mobile gets its own “I am rich” application, only $499, better




fortunatus3 fortunatus2 

Now there is a better way that owning a HTC HD2 to show that you are rich (and face it, anyone can afford a HTC HD2 on contract).

Fortunatus is an application to demonstrate just that, and at $498.99 you certainly need to have the readies to throw around if you are willing to buy the application.

However unlike the iPhone version, this one does more that provide reassuring messages and spelling errors.

In the words of the developer:


Fortunatus is the application for the rich. When it’s started you will see a picture of a beautiful diamond, so people can see you are rich. But applications like that already exist, so now it’s also possible to chat with your fellow wealthy colleagues whom also bought the program. The chat functions gives you the possibility to add smileys to your messages and shows real-time how many other wealthy people are using the chat function. You will also get access to the statistics of the application, how many times it has been downloaded, installed, etc. Look at the screenshots to see exactly what it does, and remember, what you see on the screenshots is what you get, nothing more.


  • Show you are rich
  • For the wealthy gentlemen
  • Show you have the money
  • Chat with fellow rich people

Somehow I think that the first buyer wont have anyone to chat to for a long time, but if you are a rich Windows Mobile user and want to connect with your peers, there is now a good way to separate the wheat from the chaff.

Buy the app from Marketplace here.


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