Fortnite’s newest patch is here, and with it comes several big updates.

First up, Battle Royale now has a new feature in the form of an item called Sneaky Snowman. Players can now disguise themselves as snowmen and sneak around the map.

The new item – available to pick up off the ground, in chests, and from llamas – allows the player to throw a projectile in the form of decoy snowmen and also includes the ability to dress up as a snowman. Your enemies won’t know what’s hit them!

The snowman disguise acts as a shield and has 100 health. While wearing the snowman, players can’t build or use other items, but can still move freely.

Fortnite - Sneaky Snowman

Another new feature is that The Block is now a pyramid, formally known as the Omega Pyramid, created by Directingpete. Players should drop into the structure to discover all sorts of secrets.

There’s also a new Limited Time Mode called Sniper Shootout. As you may be able to tell from the name, the new mode means that players can only battle using scoped weapons. Suppressed Sniper Rifles have been added and Legendary Scoped Pistols have been added to Supply Drops.

Along with these shiny new features, Epic have fixed an issue involving FPS dropping while building and several audio issues including improving the Low Health state audio mix and updating the lefty/right weapon equip/unequip sounds.

Source: Epic Games’ blog.