UPDATE 8th May 2019: We now have our third teaser for Fortnite Season 9, which claims that the future is ’tilted’.

The teaser, posted on Fortnite’s official Twitter, shows a man glad in futuristic gear while the letter ‘O’ surrounds him.

So far, the letters in the teaser spell out ‘NEO’. Assuming that a fourth teaser is dropping tomorrow along with season 9, our bet is that it’ll spell ‘NEON’. If there’s no fourth teaser, then ‘NEO’ could be a tongue-in-cheek reference to The Matrix or it could mean ‘new’, indicating all the new changes headed to the game.

The ’tilted’ reference in the teaser most likely refers to Tilted Towers, which met its unfortunate end last week as the volcano on the Fortnite map erupted, showering the area with lava and rocks.

This most likely implies that Tilted Towers is going to come back better and brighter than ever before. The future is bright, you know.

Source: Fortnite on Twitter.

Original post continues below:

Last weekend, Fortnite’s map blew up. Literally.

Fortnite’s volcano finally erupted, eradicating Retail Row in the process. This was followed by Polar Peak receiving a volcanic rock to the (cliff) face, leaving a nasty mark behind.

However, Tilted Towers was all but wiped out by the explosion. The only building left standing was, naturally, the only building that had a track record of being destroyed every single season prior. Rest in peace, Tilted Towers. Until we meet again.

Explosions and volcanoes aside, Fortnite Season 9 is set to start on Thursday the 9th of May. It’s apparently set to have a futuristic theme, judging by the teasers posted on Twitter.

The first teaser, posted on the 6th of May, shows a fighter clad in a funky looking outfit complete with a spiked mask. The image is in the shape of an ‘N’, indicating that future teasers might combine to spell out a word.

The teaser also comes with the ominous caption of “The Future is Unknown”.

The second teaser shows someone wearing an outfit that looks like a cross between a spacesuit and a sleek pilot’s outfit. The image is in the shape of an ‘E’, meaning that we currently have the letters ‘N’ and ‘E’ shown in the teasers.

This teaser receives the much more upbeat caption of “The Future is Bright”.

There’s presumably more teasers to come in the wake of Fortnite Season 9, and we’ll keep you updated with each one. Season 9 is due out on the 9th of May.

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