Fortnite Season 7 has some trailers for its impending release

June 8, 2021
Fortnite Invasion

The new Season dubbed “Invasion” has been unveiled for Fortnite, with not one but two new trailers to watch. 

As you might be able to expect from the name, and the teases we’ve seen throughout the leadup to this new season, Fortnite’s Season 7 brings in a whole host of alien life into the game. 

The story trailer was the first to drop, showing off the giant alien ship, that’ll no doubt be hanging over the map, as it destroys the Spire landmark from the previous season, shaking up the game’s island map once again. 

The Foundation also appears at the end of the trailer to continue the ever-evolving narrative of Fortnite but more importantly, Rick, from Adult Swim’s Rick and Morty, also makes an appearance. Thanks to the Season 7 Battle Pass, you’ll even be able to play as him.

Speaking of the Battle Pass, it was also announced alongside the story trailer, and this time, it’s different. The Battle Pass trailer shows off a variety of skins and cosmetics as you might expect, including Superman (who can apparently fly), Rick Sanchez, and plenty of aliens to fit the theme.

What’s different this time is that you won’t just progress through a standard levelling system, with all the best stuff at the end, instead, you’ll earn “Stars” that you can spend on specific rewards that you want, so long as you’ve completed some prerequisites.

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Fortnite is expected to go down at 11 PM Pacific Time tonight, so the new Season and all its content can be patched in. We’ll likely see Season 7 start a few hours after that, but there’s no telling for sure.

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