Epic Games has announced that as a surprise addition to Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 1, the game now has dynamic weather with forecasts of tornadoes and lightning.

Unlike the rather disappointing dynamic weather events in the recent Battlefield 2042, in which a tornado or sandstorm meekly meanders through the map, Fortnite’s new tornadoes are actually something to look forward to.

Rather than just running away from these spectacular weather events or admiring from the distance, Epic Games encourages you to see them up close, as Fortnite’s tornadoes make for a viable “swirling escape strategy,” as you won’t take fall damage when the twister spits you out. 

To go along with the rampaging twister that’s littered with debris, Epic Games has also introduced lightning storms into Fortnite. Similarly to the tornadoes, this weather event isn’t necessarily to be avoided, as being struct by lightning will give you a temporary speed boost, while setting the ground alight for good measure. 

As well as these fancy new weather effects, no doubt enabled by Fortnite’s switch to Unreal Engine 5 last December, Epic Games is also fittingly pulling the Flare Gun out of the vault, allowing it to be found in chests, on the ground, and in supply drops once more.