A giant mysterious purple clock has been added into Fortnite, steadily counting down towards Friday the 6th of August at 3 pm PT, where another live event will begin. 

Epic Games hasn’t explicitly revealed just what this countdown is ticking down towards, but speculation, and a few leaks across social media, are pointing towards this next live event being another in-game concert, this time for Ariana Grande. 

A recent leak stated that a test for this upcoming concert has already taken place, so while there hasn’t been much marketing or hype, beyond the obvious new giant clock in the sky, it’s likely that this is what the countdown might be leading up to. 

Similarly to the Travis Scott concert which happened last year, we can expect the island to slowly be altered to get ready for the concert, however, there’s no telling precisely what will happen to the map at the moment as Fortnite gears up for Ariana Grande’s concert takeover. 

If you want to keep an eye on the timer yourself then all you need to do is head to the center of the map as the countdown is prominently displayed underneath the giant alien mothership.

According to the previous leaks which first revealed this concert, Fortnite is also set to receive a new assortment of characters soon, including the members of the Justice League and Suicide Squad, although no date has yet been announced for this.