Fortnite’s v7.30 patch is here and with it comes a whole host of new and interesting items and modes, along with a couple of things being sent to the Fortnite vault.

The main additions to Battle Royale are the Chiller Grenade and Mobile Controller Support. The Chiller Grenade is a grenade that resembles a snow man and knocks players back with a freezing blast, causing them to slip and fall on the icy ground.

The Chiller Grenade is a common rarity and can be found from Floor Loot and in Vending Machines. It drops in stacks of 3, with a max stack size of 6. Start freezing the hearts of your enemies today!

Mobile Controller Support is pretty self-explanatory. Most Bluetooth controller adapters, including the Gamevice, XBox1, Razer Raiju, Gamevice, and Moto Gamepad, are compatible with Android. iOS users can use MSFi controllers such as Steelseries Nimbus and Gamevice.

The new Limited Time Mode in Fortnite is called Solid Gold, meaning all weapon drops are now Legendary and you’ll receive an increased amount of materials from gathering. Check it out while you can!

Creative mode also gets a few shiny new playthings – Piano Keys and Music Blocks are here to help you unleash your inner musician and there’s Arctic Base Prefabs that allow you to create your own winter wonderland.

X-Ray Llamas have also arrived in Save The World mode. These special Llamas let you see all of their contents and upgrades without making you purchase them, letting players decide whether to spend their hard-earned money or not. Also, players who complete the Frostnite Challenge in Save The World will win the Spectral Blade.

On the flip side, a few weapons have been vaulted. The Bolt-action Sniper Rifle, Burst Rifle, Heavy Shotgun, and SMG have all been taken out of the action. However, the Suppressed SMG has been unvaulted, so it’s not all bad news!

There’s also a whole host of bug fixes and technical tune ups, such as the Grenade gaining a fuse sound and the UI getting an overhaul. A big plus of this is that you can now see total party eliminations on the HUD if your team wins.

Source: Epic Games blog.