Formulae – Your formulas at hand


If you want to calculate the result of a formula, you have two options:

  • use a calculator, but if you have to redo the same formula with another value for a variable you have to retape the entire formula.
  • use a spreadsheet software like Excel, but this is too powerful to just compute a formula.

Formulae was born from this observation. This app is a simply tool allowing you to calculate a formula and simply change the value of a variable and compute it again. This app contains predefined formulas like the BMI or areas formulas. No need to browse the web to find the formula you seek, Formulae is in your pocket.

The formula I want is not part of the predefined ones?

No problem you can simply create it. You can create constants shared among all the formulas and variables locals to the one you are creating.QRCode

Why would I use this app?

  • If you are a doctor and you have to calculate the renal clearance of a patient, you can do it with Formulae.
  • If you are a student and you want to verify a calculation, you can do it with Formulae.
  • If you simply using every day a formula like the BMI, you can do it with Formulae.
  • If you want to know the area of the circle, you can do it with Formulae since it’s a predefined formula.
  • You love the formula of the ellipsoid’s volume and you want to have a tile of it, you can do it with Formulae 🙂

Trial or Full version?

It’s up to you. Feel free to try this app first. With the trial licence you have a subset of the predefined formulas (areas, perimeters, volumes) and you can create up to 3 formulas. If you want to create more formulas, purchase the full version it’s only $1.49.

On which devices can I install this app?

Formulae exists on Windows Phone 8 and Windows 8 devices.

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