The lockdown due to COVID-19 has caused a run on things ranging from toilet paper to yeast and flour, but the next shortage may hit closer to home for our readers.

Digitimes reports that the supply of notebooks may run dry as soon as May, due to increased demand from government and enterprise sectors, and shortages due to supply chain issues.

The supply chain issues are due to component shortages as work is hindered by local contingencies against the coronavirus pandemic, according to Digitimes Research.

Not just laptops are affected. The same supply chain issues are also likely to affect server supply, as work from home massively increases demand on cloud services.

As Microsoft and Facebook expand their data centres, Digitimes reports that shipments can hardly meet demand from clients due to production and logistics problems, according to industry sources.

The news suggests if you were planning to buy a notebook or PC in the near future, it may be a good idea to purchase from existing stock now, rather than expect deliveries will remain reliable over the next few months.