Forget Minecraft, Microsoft Has Demo Of Halo 5 On HoloLens At E3

Halo 5 HoloLens

Microsoft demoed Minecraft running on HoloLens at E3 press conference yesterday. This demo was the highlight of Microsoft’s conference and it was praised by many tech pundits and analysts. What Microsoft didn’t show at the E3 stage is even more amazing. They have a demo of Halo 5 game (tech demo) running on HoloLens. Yes, it’s real and people have tried it. Ryan from IGN described his Halo on HoloLens experience as below,

Once it was calibrated, I was told to stand up, look down a hallway (the entire “experience” took place inside a room meant to resemble a UNSC ship), and wait for further instructions. Those instructions popped up in the form of a waypoint marker that was down the hallway, exactly as it appears on Master Chief’s MJOLNIR visor in the game. I walked toward it, and I couldn’t help but smile. Even if just for a small moment, Halo had become real.

Once inside the briefing room, six of us assembled around a table, again modeled after what you’d see on a UNSC ship. In the center, a holographic 3D model of the UNSC Infinity spun around, and you could interact with it using a virtual pointer.

What’s in that field of view, though, is truly fantastic. Once the mission briefing started, Spartan commander Sarah Palmer, wearing her signature white Spartan-IV armor, popped up on the table and replaced the Infinity that had been there a moment before. She explained the basics behind Warzone mode, and it literally looked like a Halo action figure had come to life and was talking to me, in real 3D space. It was a “Whoa!” moment.

Read his full experience from the link below.

Source: IGN

Update: This is a tech demo showing how Halo 5 could be running on HoloLens. This is not an actual game that is coming to market anytime soon.

Some images from Gizmodo,

A Holographic Halo 5 Soldier Just Briefed Me Inside Microsoft's HoloLens

A Holographic Halo 5 Soldier Just Briefed Me Inside Microsoft's HoloLens

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