Forget Core i7, there is a new top dog in town


14, 2017

A slide has leaked describing Intel’s new generation of processors, targetted for later this year.

Based on the LGA2066 socket, the new platform will support DDR4 memory and include six, eight and ten core CPU.

It will apparently include both lower-end Kaby Lake-X and Skylake-X variants and be code-named Basin Falls.

Reportedly it will include a new Core i9 variant in both versions featuring 10-12 cores and even more PCIe lanes.

Potential Intel Core i9 Skylake-X and Kaby Lake-X processors
L3 Cache
Base clock/
Turbo clock (GHz)
PCIe LanesSupported MemoryTDPLaunch
(Kaby Lake-X)
4/464.0 /
4.2 (Turbo 2.0)
162 x DDR4-2666112WJune 2017
(Kaby Lake-X)
4/884.3 /
4.5 (Turbo 2.0)
162 x DDR4-2666112WJune 2017
6/128.253.5 /
4.0 (Turbo 2.0)
284 x DDR4-2666140WJune 2017
8/16114.3 /
4.5 (Turbo 2.0)
284 x DDR4-2666140WJune 2017
10/2013.753.3 /
4.3 (Turbo 2.0)
4.5 (Turbo 3.0)
444 x DDR4-2666140WJune 2017
12/2416.5TBA444 x DDR4-2666140WAugust 2017

Aimed at the gamer market, the processors are expected to be launched at GamesCon 2017, where details like pricing and availability are expected to be released.

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