Forget Angry Birds–Chickens Cant Fly!

I have no idea what this upcoming Windows phone 7 game by AmusedSloth will look like, but it already looks a lot more fun than Angry Birds already!

Here is the official discription:

‘Chickens Can’t Fly’ lures you in the machinations of O.U.T.P.U.T. – a paranoid corporation bent on saving the world from threats that no one even knows exist.
Analyze the chickens – these ferocious creatures that surround us – to see what they are capable of.
Find answers to questions like:

  • Are chickens hungry in the face of danger?
  • How fast can chickens fall?
  • Do chickens attract vampires at night?

Join us in a game filled with deadly obstacles and corn!
Coming soon to Windows Phone 7 and later to XBLIG.

See  AmusedSloth’s site here for more information.