For laptops, is Long battery life or being Always Connected most important? Qualcomm reveals the answer

ARM-powered PCs offer two important advantages over x86-based laptops – up to 25-hour battery life and built-in cellular modems which offer data access wherever you go. Intel can of course attempt to replicate both features, but these benefits are native to Qualcomm’s processors and more tacked on to Intel’s devices.

At their Qualcomm event yesterday Qualcomm and Lenovo revealed which of these two features consumers are considering most important.

“More than 50 percent of the folks are buying it for the battery,” Lenovo VP Matt Bereda told Engadget.

He revealed most consumers did not take up cellular plans to get their device Always Connected.

“Maybe that’ll change, maybe once we get into January we’ll see a ton of [wireless] activations,” he noted.

Peter Burns, Qualcomm’s director of marketing for always-connected PCs, confirmed the data, saying:

“Battery life is the number one pain point, no doubt. Always-connected is also desired, but it requires attractive offers and data plans.”

The reluctance of consumers to buy extra data plans will make selling Always Connected PCs via carrier retail channels difficult but suggests that OEMs should perhaps focus more on the battery life advantages of ARM PCs in their marketing, especially now performance issues are increasingly less of an issue due to new, more powerful processors.

Which is most important for our readers? Let us know below.