For killer pictures, break your Tilt

Many of us have been attracted to the AT&T Tilt/ HTC Kaiser by the 3 megapixel autofocus camera. And when we first unboxed it and tried it out, the pictures were very good. But soon they became blurry and indistinct, and we wondered why we even bothered.


How far would you go to get back those first great photos you took when your device was new? Would you void your warranty? If you would, there is a readymade solution that will make your pictures look even better than when you unboxed your phone. 

See the solution after the break.

The culprit – dirty, grimy camera lens cover cover. Yes, a cover cover, which destroys picture quality.

The answer – simply remove the small glass window in the back of your Kaiser. A bit of sustained gentle pressure, while providing counterpressure on the chrome surround will pop the glued in window right out.

The result:-

Store your little glass window somewhere, and when it comes time to sell it just glue it right back in. Be careful – the glass is fragile! In between, enjoy absolutely fabulous pictures, many times comparable to point and shoot cameras.

The legalese: This action will almost certainly void your warranty and possibly other device insurance, the odds of dust entering your device will increase and you may cause permanent damage to your phone. No warranty is expressed or implied with this guide – you do this at your own risk.

Thanks to the folks at Howard Forums who are championing this important hardware hack.


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