For Developers: Write Once, Run Everywhere



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In the desktop era, developers had only two main platforms,  Windows and Mac OS X , but now, as we speak there are plenty of mobile platforms with significant marketshare, including  Windows Phone 7, iOS, Android, Blackberry OS, Symbian, Meego ,etc.

Mobile Developers job have become difficult because they have to write their applications for all these platforms to have maximum reach. Yet all of these different platforms have their own programming model and developer tools, meaning one should learn different languages such as C#, Objective C, Java ,etc to develop applications.

Recently I found an interesting article with a presentation( presentation is not in English) which I found to be providing a partial solution to the above problem. The solution is simple -write C# code once, use Silverlight as UI for WP7, monotouch for iPhone, monodroid for android and so forth.

This article has an nice example of twitter search app with source code which can be explore it for more details. In addition the Silverlight runtime is already available for Symbian platform, making it the 4th platform accessible to .Net developers.

Happy Coding ! !

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