For Developers: Windows Mobile 6.5.3 SDK pulled? (Updated)

5710_image_thumb_4ABB0970Via a tweet from Arktronic we have just learned that Microsoft’s Windows Mobile 6.5 SDK is now no longer available for download.

On checking the URL where the software used to reside we now only get an error screen.

Arktronic speculates this may be to issues with Visual Studio 2008.  While we have not been able to confirm this elsewhere, we can say in our attempts to make the emulator visible in Visual Studio has all ended in failure, so that does seem rather plausible.

We will update this article when more information becomes available.

Update: Official word from the WMDev twitter channel:

With regards to 6.5 SDK, we prematurely released an untested SDK which was not ready. We pulled it so proper testing can be completed….

we’ll def make an official announce when the SDK is ready to go. Those responsible have been sent to the dungeons for execution. 😉 ^LU

Well, that’s one theory 😉