For Developers: Telerik RadControls for Mango now available

Press Release: Telerik, an end-to-end provider of software application lifecycle and content management solutions, today announced immediate availability of RadControls for Windows Phone designed specifically for Mango devices. Telerik’s RadControls for Windows Phone Mango supports all features and user interfaces (UIs) of the latest release of Mango and will help developers build applications targeting the upcoming Windows Phone Mango Marketplace. Also being introduced to the suite are two new components, MessageBox, which allows for a more flexible way to gather user input, and PolarChart, which will assist in covering new data visualization scenarios.

“Telerik is thrilled to once again offer leading edge UI component suites to our customers,” said Valentin Stoychev, Product Manager of RadControls for Windows Phone. “We are excited to announce the Mango-ready RadControls suite and look forward to helping developers build trend-setting apps.”

RadControls for Windows Phone is a UI suite built from the ground up for the Windows Phone 7 Operating System offering controls and capabilities currently not available in the UI Toolbox for Windows Phone 7 or in the operating system (OS). The suite is trusted by a number of customers whose apps are in the top selling positions on the Windows Phone Marketplace.

In addition, upgrades to existing controls include, ListBox, which has been updated to use new APIs available in Mango resulting in unprecedented performance and greater sensitivity to user input, and JumpList, which has been updated to reflect the sticky header support added in the latest release of the Mango OS.

For more information about RadControls for Windows Phone, please visit Telerik here.  A free trial download of RadControls for Windows Phone Mango is available at this page at Telerik. .

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