For Developers: Real-time analytics for Windows Phone 7 Now Available

Most of developing applications is pretty boring, and after the application is released it does not get much more exciting, except of course for seeing download and usage numbers roll in.

Localytics recently announced their analytics software for WP7 platform, which allows developers to see these metrics in real time.  The service allows developers to keep track of usage patterns of their applications, thereby helping to improve future versions. Analytics is therefore a very important tool for improving customer experience with the software.

Below is the excerpt from their announcement,


Microsoft Windows Phone 7 is fast approaching, and the Windows Phone Marketplace is open for app submissions on Nov 3. With assistance from Microsoft, we are able to offer the first mobile analytics service for Windows Phone 7 applications. “We’re really excited about Localytics coming to Windows Phone 7″ said Abby Fitchner, Microsoft Developer Evangelist for Startups. “Localytics is a great example of a BizSpark company that was able to really meet the needs of developers worldwide with their real-time mobile analytics software.”

Are you using any other analytic tool for your application? Let us know in the comments section.

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