For Developers: Pubcenter Dashboard

Pubcenter DashboardAre you a Windows Phone developer making money by serving pubcenter ads? Then this app is for you:

With the Pubcenter Dashboard app it is now finally possible to keep an eye on your ad powered apps! Analyze the performance of your account, a specific app or market. Watch the detailed progress of impressons, revenue and eCPM. It is even possible to analyze more data than using the web interface, i.e. the performance of an market.

IMPORTANT: This app requires a Microsoft Pubcenter account and won’t work without one.

Key features:
•Secure connection; your data will not be accessible to anyone except for you
•Detailled statistics (impressions, revenue, eCPM) for today, yesterday or the whole month
•Per market/app analytics
•Extensive charts
•Live tile
•Custom views*

*coming soon!